Twisting history still: D. James Kennedy

Voodoo history just will not die.

Several years ago I caught the tail end of a television program featuring the Rev. D. James Kennedy railing against evolution and especially Charles Darwin.  What caught my aural attention was a rant claiming that Darwin somehow bore responsibility for Stalin’s manifold evils perpetrated in the old Soviet Union.

That is bogus history of the first order, of course.  Stalin banned the teaching of evolution, and he banned research even based on evolution

Soviet genetics, top of the world in the early 1920s, was set back decades (and still has not recovered).  Some top scientists were fired; some were imprisoned; some were sent to Siberia in hopes they would die (and some did); a few disappeared, perhaps after being shot.  Soviet anti-Darwinian science contributed to the massive crop failures of the 1950s that led to the starvation of more than 4 million people.  Claiming that Stalin loved Darwinian theory is bad history revisionism of first order.  (If you’re Googling, look for the story of Trofim Lysenko, Stalin’s henchman against biology.)

Kennedy is at it again.  The past couple of weeks have featured new rants against Darwin, leading up to a promised climax this weekend in which Kennedy will claim Darwin was responsible for Hitler and Nazi atrocities — again a fantastic claim, since Hitler directly repudiated Darwin, never expressed support for the idea of evolution, and since anti-Darwin quackery led to any number of stupid science moves in Nazi Germany, such as a ban on blood banks for fear that soldiers would get Jewish blood and turn Jewish (no, you can’t make that stuff up — see Ashley Montague’s essay in his 1959 book, Human Genetics).

Unfortunately for Kennedy and his Coral Ridge Ministries (CRM), his advance flackery got the attention of biologists like P. Z. Myers and others, like the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

There is much bogus history to deal with there, and so little time.  Check out the links.  More to come from here, I hope.

2 Responses to Twisting history still: D. James Kennedy

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  2. DavidD says:

    I wonder what criticism actually gets Kennedy’s attention. Did they just take Francis Collins’ name off their list of those contributing to this idea as a courtesy when he complained, or did someone feel defeated or chastened by that? I suppose they feel they have enough “scientists” without Collins.

    I’ve long wondered about those partisans in politics or religion who never seem to ask what the alternative explanations to anything might be. Whether it was Kennedy or someone else who decided social Darwinism led to Hitler, how amazing that someone’s first thought wasn’t, “Now, what are the other possibilities?” It seems more likely that people said, “Can we sell this?” How hard it is to learn to be a responsible thinker? Then again, how hard is it to learn to be a partisan hack, where the truth is simply that we’re right and they’re wrong, intellect being only for how to show that? There are some powerful loyalties out there that trump any tendency to see both sides of anything. I wish God could announce that’s not what He wants.


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