Odd things you find in library card catalogs

Like this:


I went looking for mine when Myers at Pharyngula found one.

Here, you can find yours, too:  At blyberg.net.

My card must be older than P.Z.’s — it’s a lot yellower.  The call number seems just a bit off, don’t you think?  Is that right?

2 Responses to Odd things you find in library card catalogs

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    MPB, Snap is live for everybody. I’m undecided — about half the time I love the preview, about half the time the pop-up blocks what I want to see. I’m willing to take advice (though not necessarily follow it) about whether to deactivate snap or not. See the release post here: http://wordpress.com/blog/2007/01/13/snap-live/

    It’s a huge help in composing posts from several sources, for me. Interesting burst of technology, really.


  2. mpb says:

    Aarrggh! you’ve been selected (or self-selected) those snap-view pop-ups thingies from WP.


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