Fly your flag today: Veterans Day

Fly your U.S. flag today, to honor veterans of military service. November 11 was originally celebrated as Armistice Day after World War I’s armistice.

Veterans Administration poster for 2007 Veterans Day

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5 Responses to Fly your flag today: Veterans Day

  1. jtmoody says:

    Love this! Great post!

    I have a friend who just received the purple heart and the medal of valor and you can check out his story on my blog: The news just did an update on him.


  2. moraloutrage says:

    The significance of Veteran’s Day has taken on a weird dual meaning in recent years. …

    read more


  3. […] MFB post on Veterans Day 2007, with more resource links […]


  4. thebarefoot says:

    One day isn’t enough. Fly your flag everyday. Thanks Vets.


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