Can anyone stop the spam from

WordPress’s spam filters are doing a great job keeping it out of the blogs, but I’ve been hit with about 5,000 spam comments in the last week.  Just keeping the filters clear is a problem (which I try to do because good posts frequently get caught in the spam filters).

The posts consist of nothing but phrases linked to a site that obviously is not what it purports to be in the links.

Almost all of it comes from this computer:

Can anyone stop the spam?

8 Responses to Can anyone stop the spam from

  1. John says:

    Hehe, I’ve had a whopping 14,000 from that IP. I use WP-Ban to block that address from my installation now, give it a try =]


  2. John says:

    I’ve had 3,998 spam comments from that adress in the past 3 months. I reccommend using an IP Ban plugin for wordpress such as WP-Ban =] That’ll sort them out for you. Good luck!


  3. […] The vicious spammer has harassed content providers at least eight months; I’ve found a blog post mentioned it as early as June 2009: […]


  4. I’ve received approx 100 spams from that IP, and it was keeping coming until I’ve made a “deny from” on the affected site. The affected system was Commenting System, a TYPO3 extension that allow people to comment on news.

    Btw, I’ve found out a fun thing when I researched more about the offender. The address shows a login form, but if you omit the trailing slash, it 301 to the invalid domain http://www.b05s13.ams1/


  5. xmsmmgrs says:

    You can ban him from your .htaccess file. That`s what I just did, ban on host and IP.


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    162 new spams in the last five hours — three from sources other than


  7. Ed Darrell says:

    The blacklist just dumps the stuff into the spam file. If I wish to rescue the occasional non-spam piece, I have to wade through a lot of spam.


  8. Bill Ludwig says:

    I don’t know if it’s the same on hosted WordPress sites but on self-hosted you can blacklist an IP address. To do this ( again on self-hosted ) go to discussion settings and enter the IP address into the comment blacklist field.

    Hope this helps


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