NBC on the Obama birth certificate issue

Embedding the video from NBC escapes me — but go here to see NBC’s four-minute report on the Obama birth certificate crazies.

Here’s the full video of the BCOs going crazy at a Congressman’s town meeting.

It’s really a form of mass hysteria, isn’t it?

For months the birthers, or Birth Certificate Obsessed (BCOs), have pleaded for mainstream media to take a look at this issue.  NBC did just that.

Is it any surprise that this morning the crazies say “NBC lied?”

BCOs fell hard to the hoax about Obama not being eligible, and now they deny all evidence that they fell for a hoax.

BCOs/birthers?  Can we have our country back, now that you’re done?

Other notes:

Be sure to see earlier material here at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub:

Here’s a large dose of facts, including David Maraniss’s article in the Washington Post about Obama’s early life.  Note that it describes details that would be impossible to fake, were the story not accurate:

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10 Responses to NBC on the Obama birth certificate issue

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Some of the links may not work; here are a few new versions, and a few new links, on Obama’s time at Occidental:

    Obama at Oxy

    Obama ’83 elected president

    Boston Globe
    Small college awakened future senator to service
    http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2008/articles/2008/08/25/small_college_awakened_future_senator_to_service/ (Paywall)

    Oxy Remembers Obama ’83 (2007 article)

    LA Times article on Obama’s “favorite professor” at Oxy, Roger Boesche

    2011 Oxy Video, Obama’s favorite professor, and others


  2. […] “NBC on the Obama birth certificate issue“ […]


  3. rayjs says:

    Nick wrote: “Don’t remember the name of the female guest host on Lou Dobb’s show a few days ago but she said the birther conspiracy is nonsense and had been proven wrong.

    It was CNN’s Kitty Pilgrim and she was guest-hosting for Lou Dobbs!

    I used to like Lou Dobbs and, even though I’m a liberal, I agreed with him on a number of issues. Not any more. I’m done with that wacko. I was sort of willing to overlook his doubts about evolution and chalked it up to his lack of knowledge but now I think I understand the real Lou Dobbs. He’s farther out on the right than I had realized.


  4. Donna B. says:

    They fall into the same category as the moon-landing deniers and various other conspiracists. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that the set of believers in any one conspiracy theory has a large intersection with believers in any other.

    IOW, they’re all nuts.


  5. Nick Kelsier says:

    Don’t remember the name of the female guest host on Lou Dobb’s show a few days ago but she said the birther conspiracy is nonsense and had been proven wrong.

    Care to guess what Lou Dobb’s said two days later when he returned?

    That’s right…that conspiracy might have some grounds of validity since the President hasn’t shown his birth certificate.

    Which prompted Jon Stewart to pretty much eviscerate Lou Dobbs on his show.


  6. NYC Educator says:

    I remember walking into the teachers’ lounge where a couple of my right-wing colleagues were discussing this very thing maybe six months ago. I said, “I’m glad you guys are focused on the important issues,” and walked out, much to their irritation.

    It’s amazing that the focus in this country can so easily be diverted to nonsense. While this particular shred will probably not endure, it’s precisely the same thing that’s kept us from getting decent health care, and the same thing that will probably preclude Obama’s promised passage of card check.

    It’s remarkable we can’t collectively figure out what’s going on and stop the flow of nonsense. But Fox runs 24/7 to make sure that never happens.


  7. Rob F says:

    I don’t think that (many of) the BCOs/birthers are ever going to shut up. It appears to me that several of them have a personality trait known as Right-wing authoritarianism. As Dr. Altemeyer makes makes clear near the beginning of Chapter 3 of his online book, RWAs have a tendency to evaluate reasoning based on whether they agree with the conclusion. Hence, BCOs/birthers will not be convinced by any reasoning that concludes that Obama is eligible simply because they go in with the position that he is not. Since they disagree with the conclusion, they will not be convinced. Hence, they will not shut up, and for that reason the BCOs/birthers will never be finished.


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