Santa’s ride updated – GE’s high-tech sleigh

GE labs suggest some improvements to the Santa Claus Sleigh.  A good way to introduce research, I think.

GE's improvements to Santa's Sleight, 2009

Click here for GE's interactive feature

Among improvements:

Companies hitching a star to Santa’s sleigh is nothing new.  It may be difficult to separate out the Coca-Cola from the Santa myth at this late date, and who remembers that “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” originally came from a project for departed department store Montgomery Ward.  GE at least shows good humor.

Here at Bathtub Manor we switched to LEDs on the Christmas tree this year.  The blue lights are a bit intense (more yellow and red in the mix, please, string assemblers).  Travel home, shopping, recipe-finding, and most other parts of our family’s Christmas preparations are laced with cell phones, computers, internet and digital photography, and microprocessors performing music — not to mention the yearly infusions of new technology under the tree.

We live in fascinating times.

Check out the update of Santa’s headgear, too.

Santa's old sleigh, as last configured -

Bye-bye tradition? Santa's old sleigh, as last configured -

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One Response to Santa’s ride updated – GE’s high-tech sleigh

  1. john says:

    Love this kind of post !


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