Republican advice to incest/rape victims: ‘Make lemonade’

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.  I get e-mail from Democrats who think incest and rape victims should be protected:

Angle’s Lemons

Nevada Republican Sharron Angle might want to steer clear of radio talk shows.

Angle – who wants abortion banned under all circumstances – suggested that a 13-year-old girl who was raped by her father should just turn “a lemon situation into lemonade.” This is the same woman who suggested that getting pregnant after a rape just might be “God’s plan.”

This kind of utter disdain for the impact of rape on women’s lives simply can’t be tolerated – especially in the United States Senate.

Join us in telling Sharron Angle that her views are insensitive and out of touch.

6 Responses to Republican advice to incest/rape victims: ‘Make lemonade’

  1. Ana says:

    Is it God’s will that a father impregnate his daughter? Is it not in the Bible then that such man is an abomination and should be executated? Why is the Bible only selectively used?


  2. Jim Stanley says:

    The really amazing thing here is that Harry Reid, a model of incompetence and boredom, could still keep his seat. And in a year when any generic Republican could defeat him simply by keeping a nice profile and talking tax cuts.

    Sharon Angle and Rand Paul are Palinesque gifts to the Democratic Party.


  3. Nick K says:

    That would be pretty much what I told her, Artemis.

    I have hated that cop out “It’s God’s will” ever since the funeral director at the funeral of the only grandparent I ever knew tried it on me when I was 14.


  4. Ellie says:

    Ordinarily, I cringe when someone brings up the 13 year old victim of incestuous rape when discussing the topic of abortion, because they are not generally speaking, the women who are seeking abortions. However, it happens, and it happens more often than it should. One time would be more often than it should.

    Sharron Angle is a nut who believes a lot of things that those of us who use reason do not believe. She is just another heartless “conservative” who figures she’s safe, no longer being 13, so doesn’t care about those who are. Furthermore, children are only important before they are born. After they exit the womb, they are fair game. It’s the Fisherman Mentality. Throw ’em back until they get bigger.


  5. Artemis says:

    Well, Nick, in all fairness, if you punched Angle for suggesting that your daughter’s rape was divinely ordained, isn’t your punch to her stupid face also god’s will?


  6. Nick K says:

    If a daughter of mine got raped and got pregnant from it and Ms. Angle pulled that “It’s God’s will” line I don’t think Ms. Angle would like the result.


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