Too true for fiction: French fund creationism in U.S., to cripple U.S. science

Talk about your plots!

Could it possibly be real?  [Note to the gullible:  No, it couldn’t.]

Jason O’Mahony reports:

France to fund Creationism in US schools.

The French Ministry of Science and Technology has surprised many by announcing that it is to commit €50 million to a campaign to encourage anti-science teaching in American schools. A spokesman told us: ” This is a wonderful opportunity for France and Europe. We would like to help American conservatives turn a whole generation of American schoolchildren against science, and instead obsess about stuff in a 2,000 year old book. Today, it’s evolution, but we are confident that within five years we can have them teaching that gravity is a communist idea, and that bio-technology is something to do with the Devil and homosexuality. We have one schoolboard in Alabama voting tomorrow to teach that the Sun revolves around the United States. NASA aren’t happy, but the director of commercial satellite launching of the European Space Agency actually weed himself, he was laughing so much. Sent us a lovely hamper. It had cake.”

The ministry ruled out extending the policy to France. “Absolutely not. we’re building a modern economy here. We need kids who can write software and develop new medicines, not wonder if God designed Zebras to look like they’re wearing pyjamas.”

It must be true, according to Birther Standards of Truenessivity, and the Josh McDowell Rules of Specious Evidence — see the earlier documentation.

Besides, the release spelled “pyjamas” correctly.

Tip of the old scrub brush to correspondent Richard Thomas.

[Serious question:  Is there any way we could persuade O’Mahony to put together a pub guide to global warming?]

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