Bugs Bunny on the Constitution

Was this from 1989, the Constitution’s Bicentennial?  I dimly remember these PSAs.

This one isn’t brilliant — n.b., the Constitution can be amended — but it is Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

I just stumbled into it on YouTube.  Is there a good collection somewhere?  Are the others better?

One Response to Bugs Bunny on the Constitution

  1. flatlander100 says:

    Looks like the Bicentennial of the Constitution version of the “Bicentennial Minutes” that ran on, I think, all networks [all three that is] during 1976, the American Revolution bicentennial year. I remember them quite well. Movie stars, sports figures, elected officials and cartoon characters [Bugs included] did one minute standups [so to speak] on what had happened in the US on that day one hundred years earlier. I think they all ended with the same line: “I’m [Charlton Heston/Bugs Bunny/Whoever], and that’s the way it was, one hundred years ago today.”

    Didn’t recall a similar series during the bicentennial of the Constitution but, having seen this PSA, there may have been one.


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