Texas Attorney General refuses to enforce the law

Here’s a good reason to vote him out this fall:  Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott officially notified the federal government he won’t enforce clean air laws.  (Rude letter that follows, here.)

Can you imagine the contretemps had he announced he won’t enforce federal immigration laws, nor support their enforcement by federal officials?

Abbott is once again putting politics far, far ahead of science, no matter how it damages Texas (Texas pays premiums in home insurance already because of damage from global warming).

If it’s something in the water that generates such craziness, I hope it enters the water systems well south of Dallas.

Abbott’s opponent is a well-respected, deeply experienced, honorable attorney named Barbara Ann Radnofsky.  Almost every big polluting corporation in America is supporting Abbott.  You may want to consider that as you contribute to candidates this week (hurry!), and as you vote this fall.

More information, more resources:

Hard shake of the old scrub brush to Texas Climate News.

2 Responses to Texas Attorney General refuses to enforce the law

  1. Porlock Junior says:

    What if? Hey, what if he decided not to enforce Federal marijuana laws?

    California pauses this year in its determined slide into total idiocy and bankruptcy for just long enough to vote on simple decriminalization, replacing the Medical Marijuana law that broke the ice on the subject.

    A couple of influential bozos — former Drug Czars? I forget, and they’re not worth Googling — have already come out demanding that Obama sue the state if this passes.

    Nice constitutionalists, these conservatives, aren’t they? And such consistent defenders of States’ Rights.

    Best of luck canning that Attorney General. We’d lend you ours, but he’s going to be governor (again) instead.


  2. Ellie says:

    If I lived in Texas, I’d vote for her. I will pass the info along to my other friend from TX.


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