Texas Democrats mobilize against Foolish Five Budget Cuts

I get e-mail, some of it that offers hope.  This one came from Boyd Richie, chair of the Texas Democratic Party:

Dear fellow Democrat,

Earlier this week, the State House version of the budget proposal was set out in black and white.  The cost of ten years of Republican rule: a $27 billion budget deficit.

Governor Rick Perry wants Texans to believe the massive budget shortfall is simply the result of the recession – but this is not true.  The tax package the Republican-controlled legislature passed in 2006 created a permanent structural deficit that led to the budget crisis facing our state, and now they refuse to take responsibility.

Texas Democrats stand up for the interests of our working families.  We demand a quality education for our children because we know this is the key to their ability to compete for the good jobs of tomorrow.  However, these budget cuts place public education and other issues critical to Texas’ future economic security under attack.  They are short-sighted, hostile to our state’s children and elderly and bound to weaken employment and economic growth:

“The Foolish Five” Proposed Cuts


  • 9,600 state jobs eliminated that could cause the loss of 14,400 more jobs.  Economist Ray Perryman explained that every lost public sector job creates a “multiplier effect”, resulting in an additional 1.5 jobs lost.


  • $1.15 BILLION reduction in Closing the Gap programs, designed to attract students to study in fields that help Texas’ economy. These cuts will negate over one million new jobs and $122 billion in personal income that economist Perryman calculated these programs would create by 2030.


  • $9.8 BILLION in cuts from our public schools
  • Elimination of Pre-K Early Start and Early Childhood School Ready program funding, meaning that nearly 200,000 kids will be kicked off these important school-readiness programs.


  • $1.57 BILLION cut in nursing home payments

As Democrats, our numbers are down but we are not out – and we will fight these cuts every day on behalf of our working families.


Boyd L. Richie
Boyd L. Richie
Texas Democratic Party

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3 Responses to Texas Democrats mobilize against Foolish Five Budget Cuts

  1. Nick K says:

    Neither California, Texas or frankly any of the south or southwest should be looked as a model.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    I’m astounded — your thoughts are my thoughts exactly.

    Funny thing is to hear Rick Perry, our governor, talk about how Texas is better than California in so many ways . . . who was it said ‘you become what you hate?’


  3. Select file called “California”, press ctrl+C.

    Select file called “Texas”, press ctrl+V.

    At “Are you sure you went to overwrite the TEXAS file with CALIFORNIA?” click OK.

    I hope, for your own sake, you run into a permission error. I know people look to the Golden State as some kind of model for how the other 49 should work, but trust me, right now that paradigm doesn’t apply.


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