Happy Darwin Day! How to celebrate?

Charles Darwin

Darwin on Shakespeare: “I have tried lately to read Shakespeare, and found it so intolerably dull that it nauseated me.” (The Quote Blog)

What to do for Darwin Day, and Evolution Sunday, and Darwin Week?

Charles Darwin has a posse

Charles Darwin has a posse, by Colin Purrington

5 Responses to Happy Darwin Day! How to celebrate?

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  2. James Hanley says:

    “those puny whitetails”

    Heh, yeah, I’d hate to run into a mulie at 60mph plus. While working in Yellowstone I did almost hit a bison once at about 45 mph, and I watched a car hit one–amazingly it only bashed the grill and dented the hood (it rolled all the way up on the windshield). It then ran off, so I never knew if it was badly injured or not.

    And in California I once talked to a guy who’d hit a black bear and totaled his car.

    So now I’m worried about just how big those fish are going to get…I don’t want to run into any of them on the freeway, either. And let’s hope those evolving mosquitoes stay small and slappable, because if they get big enough to slap back…


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Here in Texas the Parks and Wildlife Dept. has a “lunkers” program, for fishing. Rules used to be that fishermen were urged to throw back the little ones, ‘to give them a chance to grow.’ Serious icthyologists discovered this was selective pressure against size, and led to large populations of fish “too small to keep.”

    So, now the rules require return of the really big guys, and there is a program to capture the big ones, live, for breeding purposes.

    It’s working. Selective pressure really does change things, over generations.

    Now, just try to convince the anti-Rachel Carson harpies of that — they claim mosquitoes are always stupid, and never evolve, in effect, despite clear research that showed in the 1950s that spraying DDT on hut walls bred large populations of mosquitoes that no longer paused on hut walls.

    A wise choice on your part; I cannot count how many times I’ve stopped to assist the injured humans where an automobile met a deer — even those puny white-tails east of the Mississippi.


  4. James Hanley says:

    One of my colleagues, a biologist, believes that the frequency of deer fatalities from being hit by cars is high enough (at least here in Michigan), that it must be creating selective pressures. So, being the kind of person I am, your question of how to celebrate Darwin Day immediately made me ponder the idea of getting in my car at dusk and seeing how many deer I could select against. Purely for the sake of evolutionary advancement, of course.

    Fortunately for a few specific deer, I decided I’m concerned about my insurance payments than the evolution of their species.


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