August 4, 1944: Germans capture Anne Frank and her family

When I look at the time line, I feel frustrated and angry.

On August 4, 1944, the German Army in the Netherlands raided the warehouse where Anne Frank’s family hid from the Nazis since 1942.  As you know, Anne died in a concentration camp shortly after — only her father survived from her immediate family.

History students will recognize that this was nearly two months after D-Day, the Invasion of Normandy that set off the events leading to liberation of Europe from Nazi rule and the collapse of Hitler’s grand visions of conquest.  How could Nazi minions not know their time was limited, and oppression ultimately futile?

Germany surrendered in May 1945.  In nine months, the Frank family would not need to hide.  Anne died in March 1945, less than eight weeks before the surrender of Germany.


Photos from the liberation of Amsterdam, which occurred on May 6, 1945:

5 Responses to August 4, 1944: Germans capture Anne Frank and her family

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Flakey!

    You may be right. That, and clearing the roads…

    Oh the missed opportunities of military blunders! Welcome to the forum, btw!



  2. Flakey says:

    It all depends what you mean by reworked. If they reworked it so that the British instead of dropping in Arnhem, dropped the other side of the bridges to the Americans in Nijmegen,. Capturing and securing Nijmegen on the first day probably would have been a far better outcome. Especially when only one of those two locations needed to be taken to secure a crossing over the Rhine.


  3. Jim says:

    One wonders how matters might have been different for the Franks and their charges had “Operation Market Garden” not been the monumental failure that it was.

    Then again, the plan was flawed from the start and I am unsure it could have been rehabilitated or reworked in some way.


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