Apathy wins again

Apathy is a cruel political philosophy.  It supports despots, fools, crooks and partisan hacks — more often than it supports good government, in my humble opinion.

In Wisconsin, had all those who signed the petitions to recall Tea Party Republicans, voted, the results would have been more favorable to Democrats.  Tea Partiers won big in 2010 on the basis of poor voter turnout nationally (could it really have been as low as 18% of all voters?).

In Wisconsin on Tuesday, apathy turned the tide for them again.  Post-Crescent editorial writers in Appleton wrote:

Look at it this way — 26,000 people in the 2nd Senate District signed the petition to recall Sen. Rob Cowles of Allouez in the spring. But only 18,000 people ended up voting for Cowles’ opponent, Nancy Nusbaum on Tuesday.If the 26,000 petition-signers would have voted for Nusbaum, she only would have needed 1,500 more votes to beat Cowles, who had 27,500 votes.

From Appleton, in one contested district, only 35 voters showed up to vote.

It is clear why Republicans work so hard, nationally, to restrict voter turnout by making it difficult, onerous, or just bothersome to vote.  And no doubt, they think that they will make better decisions than those who didn’t vote and thereby handed them the reins of power.  Despots, fools, crooks and partisan hacks rarely confess they are not the purveyors of good, democratic government.


5 Responses to Apathy wins again

  1. Jim says:

    James/Nic says…

    “Jesus Christ could run against her as a Democrat and lose.”

    Oh trust me. He’s terribly unpopular in conservative circles. They don’t mind cashing in on His Name when they can, but His ideas are particularly offensive to the Tea Party. Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah and that lot aren’t well favored, either.

    Once my seminary studies are complete, I hope to cash in myself. I’m going to edit and redact the Bible with helpful study notes from Ayn Rand, Tom Sowell and that “git -r- done” guy whose name escapes me. Bet I can buy an eight thousand square foot home in the Hamptons with the windfall from Bible bookstore sales. Heh. I might even knock John Haggee or Jerry Jenkins off the bestseller list.


  2. James Kessler says:

    The problem with Bachmann, Stooge, is also that she’s in a district that is completely gerrymandered to put a Republican in office.

    Jesus Christ could run against her as a Democrat and lose.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    From what little I know, the Democrats in each of the recall races in Wisconsin is a good candidate.

    You raise a good point, though — good people have to be willing to run and lose, if our democracy and republic are to flourish.


  4. I know nothing about the democrat in this race, but the democratic party has a track record of picking bad candidates to face bad republicans. When people ask how Michele Bachmann could ever be elected, I point to her opponent in her 1st House race, whom I called, “The only person who could lose to Michele Bachmann.”

    Republicans being vile will never be enough. Dems need to put up good candidates as well.


  5. jonolan says:

    Actually, for a mid-term election the turnout was above average. 2010 had a national turnout average of 42%, not 18% – unless the 18% is based upon all Americans who were eligible to vote as opposed to only those actually registered to do so.

    It was a lack of apathy that put the patriots of the TEA Party into office.


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