Wendy Davis’s first ad: A positive vision for Texas (but too long for most TV)

In stark contrast to Greg Abbott‘s “Texas is for white people with guns” advertisement (addressed here yesterday), Wendy Davis‘s get-to-know-me ad paints a vision of a better Texas to be had, even if in a too-long four-and-a-half minutes:

The ad was released yesterday at Davis’s campaign website, “Are you with Wendy?”

I imagine the GOP will jump on the ad, complaining that it doesn’t show enough guns (are there any?).  But it does several things the next Texas governor needs to do:

  1. It paints a picture of a Texas government that works to help people succeed in Texas.
  2. Davis’s ad shows Texas’s diversity, and suggests both that the diversity is a virtue for Texas’s future, and that Texas government shouldn’t be barring the door (or voting booth) to any Texan (especially white Texas women, many of whom may get a shock when they try to vote this November).
  3. Davis urges policies to help Texas cattlemen, who have been hammered hard under GOP rule (50% of Texas beef ranches closed in the past two years).
  4. Davis urges policies to help Texas farmers (cotton is still big in about a hundred counties).
  5. Aerospace and aviation get specific attention — you saw the American Airlines jet? Davis was City Councilwoman in Fort Worth, American’s hometown and headquarters. Already Davis turned around Greg Abbott on that issue when she called for a Texas government that supported American Airlines and its few tens of thousands of jobs in Texas.  Abbott announced last week that he has dropped his suit to prevent American’s merger with USAir, a suit that threatened Texas jobs directly.
  6. The ad ties Davis’s success in business, and life, to public institutions that help all Texans, institutions Davis used to climb the success ladder.
  7. Pro-business. Business in Davis’s ad is aerospace, ranching, farming, oil, and main street retail, among others.  Abbott’s ad shows only one ramshackle BBQ shack.
  8. It demonstrates an area where Greg Abbott should have been active in fighting crime, processing rape backlogged rape kits from Texas assaults — but where it too Davis in the legislature to get action to solve the crimes.
  9. Oh, yeah:  Education is in there.  It’s solidly in there.
  10. Overall, it’s a positive, “once more into the breach” sort of story.  At the end of Abbott’s ad, one can say he seems a physically capable guy; at the end of Davis’s ad, one may want to get up and go start a business, or run for office.

Davis’s ad does a lot of things a pitch for Texas’s next governor needs to do, on issues that we hope the next governor is way ahead of the rest of us on — but which are wholly missing from Abbott’s first non-negative ad effort.

What do you think?


Davis at a rally following her most recent history-making filibuster.  KUT photo by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Davis at a rally following her most recent history-making filibuster. KUT photo by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

4 Responses to Wendy Davis’s first ad: A positive vision for Texas (but too long for most TV)

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I met her yesterday, for the first time in person. She’s not so acerbic as Ann Richards, a much different personality — but she’s for real, and she’s for Texas.

    The GOP didn’t see this ad coming, and they’ve still not figured out how to respond to someone who has some money to run, a lot more smarts than the GOP expects any Texan to have, and a genuine love of the state and desire to see Texas and Texans succeed and grow.

    This race will change Texas politics.


  2. jsojourner says:

    I would be shocked if she won. Delighted, but shocked. But Ms. Davis will run an outstanding campaign. And whether Republicans see it or not, Texas IS bluing. Or purpling, at least. She is young. And determined. And popular.

    If not this cycle, then next. If not Governor, then Senator. I am 47 and I expect to see — before I die — Texas become a reliably Democratic state.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    There’s a built-in 15% advantage for GOP candidates in Texas. Greg Abbott has been Attorney General for a dozen years or so (since John Cornyn’s been senator), and he was a regressive on the Texas Supreme Court before that; Abbott has a war chest of more than $4 million.

    With all that advantage, Davis runs 8 points back of Abbott. His “natural advantage” for being GOP and in office and well known is completely absent.

    Did you look at Abbott’s ad? He’s counting on scaring every white, gun-toting Texan into voting for him. He appears to have given up on Hispanics, and maybe on women.

    Compare with Abbott, here: https://timpanogos.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/greag-abbots-campaign-stumbles-except-for-white-people-with-guns/


  4. Ellie says:

    Thought I’d let you know that both The Daughter and I have contributed to her campaign. I don’t know what kind of a chance she has, realistically, but I hope she knows that she has supporters all over the country and not just in TX.


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