Teachers’ planning: On-line sources for everything

Digital History.

Maybe not absolutely everything. But you can mine this source, the veins are rich and deep.

This is a list of sources from Digital History, a site maintained by the University of Houston. I’ve mentioned it in the past, I think — I’ve used it a lot. For example, it has a list of history museums throughout the U.S., with websites and links. It lists the sites of history journals. It lists the sites of electronic history journals.

You’ve got your lesson plans mapped out, most of them done. You’ve got the data sheets for the students to fill out, you’ve got the first week’s bell ringers all prepared. The syllabi are all resting snug in their boxes, just waiting for students, those sly little foxes.

You’re ready.

Take a minute, take a deep breath; now, go browse the Digital History resources. See what other possibilities there are.

2 Responses to Teachers’ planning: On-line sources for everything

  1. Jerry says:

    Great resource, I could spend all day working from these links.


  2. bernarda says:

    Here is a site dedicated to information about mathematics and mathematicians. Lots of stuff.



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