Fiesta de Tejas! call for blog posts

Carnaval au Texas, 1951 movie posterThe Juneteenth edition of Fiesta de Tejas! could use a few more posts about Texas history, Texas culture, Texas food, Texas travel, Texas dinosaurs, Texas wildflowers, Texas music (heck, we’re in the middle of the Kerrville Folk Festival, aren’t we?), and other things Texas.  Nominations are due today, for publication Saturday, June 2.  You may submit posts here.

And, truth be told, I’d like to see more nominations about the Texas Lege.  Oh, there are plenty out there; I’d like to see what you want to show off, or what you think others ought to see.  It was a banner year for Molly-Ivinsesque commentary on the legislature.  Sadly, Molly died last fall.  If you’ve seen someone channeling Molly Ivins’ ghost in commentary on the Texas Lege and the Crash of Craddick, point it out!

Blog Carnival submission form - fiesta de tejas!

You may also use the button above to nominate posts — how much easier can it get!  Fiesta de Tejas! the Texas history blog carnival, is comin’!

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