Brownback parody, or Brownback lunacy?

May 20, 2007

Okay, I think this site is a parody, a hoax, on U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback‘s presidential campaign.

But it’s difficult to tell, especially when stuff like this voodoo history is on Brownback’s official campaign site. Alvin Reed thinks Brownback understands “the creator” better than other candidates because he was Secretary of Agriculture in Kansas, and that made Brownback ‘closer to the soil?’

Brownback is one of the three Republicans who confessed to supporting creationism, so he has no chance of my vote in any case. All the same, I’d prefer lunatics stay out of the presidential campaign.

I have written the Brownback campaign asking them for an explanation of the heliocentrism stuff. If they are not savvy enough to have a disavowal of the Blogs4Brownback out, and the sites are not part of the campaign, he’s going to get toasted quickly.

But if the site is affiliated with him, he deserves to get toasted more quickly — already there are serious posters there defending Brownback. Someone needs to tell them Jesus died to take away their sins, not their brains ©.

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