Don’t trust what you read — on blogs, as well as in the news

The CEO of Fark suggests people turn off the newsfeeds for a while, and ignore the constant chatter of the internet.

Happy to be a Rock n’ Roller carries an excerpt of an interview with Drew Curtis:

Q: Which media patterns do you find most annoying, and which media patterns do you think are the most dangerous without being obviously so?

Equal time for nutjobs. It’s all funny when you talk about people not believing in moon landings, or who think an alien crash-landed in Texas in 1897, or who believe that there was once an ancient mediterranean civilization in Florida. It’s another thing entirely when people start to believe that denying the holocaust is a valid opinion.

Curtis wrote a book, It’s Not News, It’s Fark: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap As News .  It should be required reading for students doing research on the internet, I suspect. 

(I wonder what the original venue of that interview is — anybody know?)

2 Responses to Don’t trust what you read — on blogs, as well as in the news

  1. Hi boys! says:

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  2. andbrooke says:

    Not very surprising to anyone. I’m pretty sure the newscasters know it too (take MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski rant against Paris Hilton as an example). Chicken/egg question- does the media give us crap as news because that’s what we respond to or do we obsess about crap only because that’s what the media gives us? Who’s really in charge here? Also, isn’t the point of blogs and the internet to streamline useful information? Hmmm…I’m musing on my future as a blogger.


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