Presidents in advertising

Franklin Pierce and Millard Fillmore to sell Japanese cars.

Ulysses S Grant has gotten in on the trend to former presidents making ad pitches.

What do you think?

US Grant urges mine law reform for Pew Charitable Trust

Ad from the Pew Charitable Trust’s campaign for mine law reform.

3 Responses to Presidents in advertising

  1. eyeingtenure says:

    I liked the bathtub ad the best.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Grant. Nice guy. Great story about the scheme Mark Twain devised to get Grant to write a memoir that would support the Grant family after his rapidly pending death.

    Would this be a good name for blog: Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?” Or just “Grant’s Tomb?”

    I’m a little punchy from testing, writing tests, testing again, grading, and realizing that it’s only a few seniors we lose this week, and we still have the District’s tests to deliver and WHY ISN’T IT SUMMER ALREADY????


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