Ed Brayton on the unbearable lightness of anti-Obama thought

This is why I like Ed Brayton’s blog, and why you should be reading him with some regularity: his ability to distinguish dross from gold, sometimes even without turning on his solid gold Hemingway s— detector.

Today’s example comes from Brayton’s Dumb[burro] Quote of the Day feature:

From Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum:

“Obama is detached from the American experience. He just doesn’t identify with the average American because of his own background. Indonesia and Hawaii. His view is from the viewpoint of academics and the halls of the Ivy league schools that he went to and it’s not a love of this country and an understanding of the basic values and wants and desires of its people.”

Isn’t that amazing? He’s unable to understand “the American experience” both because of his humble upbringing and because of his elite Ivy League education.

That leaves completely unexplained Rick Santorum’s detachment from the American experience, and detachment from reality.

One non-explanation at a time, I suppose.

One Response to Ed Brayton on the unbearable lightness of anti-Obama thought

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    I really hope old “man on dog” is the GOP’s nominee. And I really hope some enterprising reporter asks him to explain his prior equation of homosexuality with pedophilia and bestiality.

    As to President Obama being out of touch with the American mainstream, I can understand (but not agree with) the logic that intellect and academia lend themselves to a lack of connection with those of us between the coasts.

    What I don’t understand is how this was true of Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Dukakis and Carter. But no one seemed to feel that the Ivy League-Kennebunkport Bush boys are out of touch. Billionaire Willard “Mitt” Romney isn’t out of touch either.

    Perhaps Mr. “Man on Dog” thinks that being in touch with the common man means accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in (honestly earned) legal fees from the World Wrestling Federation. “Man on Dog” is a lawyer after all. And the most noted case he has argued is one proposing the WWF be exempted from laws restricting the use of anabolic steroids. Way to represent the “Pro-Life” cause there, Rick!


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