Last photos of President McKinley — who are those people?

July 25, 2010

Chamblee 54 carried this photo of President McKinley, the “last portrait” before his assassination the following day (there were other, later photos, but no later portraits).  The picture was taken on the afternoon of September 5, 1901, in Buffalo, New York.

The photo comes from the American Memory Collection at the Library of Congress.  It was taken by Francis Benjamin Johnston (1864-1952).

I am curious:  Who are the other people in the photo, especially that tall guy?

Last portrait of President William McKinley

Last portrait of President William McKinley

To the left of the photo, the fellow peeking out from between the dignified-looking woman and the guy with the really droopy, white walrus moustache, is the president of the Buffalo Exposition, John Milburn.  Who is the woman?  Who is the guy with the white moustache?  Is there any chance the guy with the dark moustache to the right could be McKinley’s vice president, Theodore Roosevelt?  (We should be able to figure out where Roosevelt was that day.)  More likely, he’s George B. Cortelyou, later the first Secretary of Commerce and Labor.

People in the picture are:  Left to right: Mrs. John Miller Horton, Chairwoman of the Entertainment Committee of the Woman’s Board of Managers; John G. Milburn; Senor Asperoz, the Mexican Ambassador; the President; George B. Courtelyou, the President’s secretary; Col. John H. Bingham of the Government Board.

More, including a larger version of the photo, below the fold.

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The real story: Shirley Sherrod’s speech, in full — an inspiration

July 25, 2010

Shirley Sherrod’s story inspires.  Take the time and watch the entire speech.


Top 10 real estate deals that made America

July 25, 2010

Smithsonian put together a solid list of the history of the expansion of the United States, from 13 colonies to a nation spanning the North American Continent and reaching out across the Pacific Ocean.

Eminently usable in class, I think.  My only concern:  It should also include the annexation of Hawaii in 1898, and the acquisition of territories from the Spanish-American War that same year, including especially Puerto Rico.  Expand it to a dozen, and it’s a great list for study in U.S. history, and it contains some surprises.

How much do you know about the Greenland Proffer?

Typewriter of the moment: Tina Fey

July 25, 2010

Tina Fey mocks her writing chops

Tina Fey mocks her writing chops (can someone find the origin of this photo? Bust Magazine? Really?)

Tina Fey at her typewriter — an inspiration to writers everywhere.

Tip of the old typewriter scrub brush to Mass Games.


Update: Um, wow, yeah, it’s Bust Magazine.  And, focusing on typewriters and otherwise cloistered in secondary education, I had missed the controversy.  You might do well to check out Shapely Prose.  Also here.  And Jezebel has something to say, too.

Why does no one worry about the typewriter?

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