Wow (in metaphor)

You should be using this tool, don’t you think?

(WordPress doesn’t support embedding this player — you’ll have to go see for yourself — it’s worth the click.)

One more way to make outstanding presentations; one more way to get students involved in rationally-active, brain-intensive, graphic organizers.

One tool I picked up in a session with earlier this week.

(See also “Thoughts on using Prezi as a teaching tool.”)

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3 Responses to Wow (in metaphor)

  1. Jude says:

    Prezi is great fun. I’ve used it myself and encouraged numerous students to give it a try. The only problem with a free account is when the server goes down, there goes your Prezi. This particular Prezi, while good, isn’t as cool as some of the ones my students came up with (not that they are public).


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Excuse me: Have we met ‘afore?


  3. chamblee54 says:

    He never met a four he didn’t like.


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