I get e-mail from climate denialists

June 30, 2009

I took issue with JCScuba’s characterizing water conservation as “Nazi.”  First he purged my posts, and then I started getting e-mails.

The last one — at least I hope it’s the last one from this guy — sic:

Obama is a nazi in the making, don’t tell me what I can write on my blog, you polliticially correct asshole, I think you are doing a great deal of projection as you try to psychoalalyze me. I wouldn’t bother to give you the press, and I doubt if I’ve been on your blog just answere one of your inane remarks. So crawl back under your bed with your blanket and suck you thumb, don’t worry about you bed being wet all Lib’s are bed weters.

He’s forgotten he posted here earlier today, and he thinks Obama, on the way  to being a socialist, is also becoming a “nazi.”

Forgive me, but I think he needs to conserve on the stuff he’s mixing with his water.  It’s the high cost of denying green.  Is this just a manifestation of Denialism Disease?  What do you think?

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