I get e-mail from climate denialists

I took issue with JCScuba’s characterizing water conservation as “Nazi.”  First he purged my posts, and then I started getting e-mails.

The last one — at least I hope it’s the last one from this guy — sic:

Obama is a nazi in the making, don’t tell me what I can write on my blog, you polliticially correct asshole, I think you are doing a great deal of projection as you try to psychoalalyze me. I wouldn’t bother to give you the press, and I doubt if I’ve been on your blog just answere one of your inane remarks. So crawl back under your bed with your blanket and suck you thumb, don’t worry about you bed being wet all Lib’s are bed weters.

He’s forgotten he posted here earlier today, and he thinks Obama, on the way  to being a socialist, is also becoming a “nazi.”

Forgive me, but I think he needs to conserve on the stuff he’s mixing with his water.  It’s the high cost of denying green.  Is this just a manifestation of Denialism Disease?  What do you think?

7 Responses to I get e-mail from climate denialists

  1. rayjs says:

    george.w wrote: “Man, when I think of the number of times my low-flow toilet has paid for itself over the 20 years I’ve had it…”

    This reminds me of an old Dave Barry piece where he wrote about low-flow toilets. He talked about how congress had mandated them but his own low-flow toilet always needed to be flushed twice to get rid of everything. He said that low-flow toilets can handle number one but they can’t handle an act of congress. ;>


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Left wing radio? There is such a thing? I’m astounded you could find it.


  3. ReasonableCitizen says:

    I listened to both right and left wing radio today for about 500 miles. Absolutely offensive to any logical and astute citizen. Much like your new ‘friend’.
    I listened to Broadway show tunes for an hour and realized that it was a better reflection of life and truth than partisan H8 radio.Imagine that. Broadway show tunes more truthful than partisan radio.
    Oh, by the way, 250 miles of each type did not mean I was ‘balanced’ when it was done.


  4. george.w says:

    Conservation is bad? Man, when I think of the number of times my low-flow toilet has paid for itself over the 20 years I’ve had it… what’s wrong with these bozos?

    CFL light bulbs, my high-efficiency furnace, my Honda Civic… it all saves money. Something wrong with saving money? Does taking it a little easier on the environment offend them so much they’ll throw money away?


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    Bryan, you’ve got it right.

    Milloy’s post actually took a cue from a review by a satisfied customer of the shower limiting device (it actually turns the water down, and then off, if a showeree goes on too long). The customer’s kids called the device “the shower Nazi.”

    There are a lot of holes in Milloy’s claims. There is no indication that this device would be eligible for assistance under the Clean Energy Act, yet, for example. If so, it is unlikely to be the only one. If not, simply helping people pay for making water-saving and energy-saving changes to their homes hardly counts as Nazi-ism in any rational scheme. Milloy’s extrapolation that the Act is somehow unfair because it may not compensate someone who already made the changes is also unfounded (and that appears to be his chief gripe, other than the fact that the Democrats and Obama are working to conserve energy and water, which he dismisses as of no value). Generally the subsidies to taxpayers come in the form of a tax credit at the end of the year, and generally those are made retroactive at least through the year in which the law was passed.

    This exposes Milloy’s fault. It doesn’t matter how good, how patriotic, how Boy Scouty and free-enterprise any solution is that Obama proposes, Milloy will call it “Nazi” AND “socialist,” never mind that those two philosophies are quite at odds.

    I think that, in a rational world, these guys would have an accurate complaint against totalitarianism — but then neither hesitated to resort to totalitarian censorship when confronted with dissent they couldn’t rebut. (Milloy seems to have eased up.) Irony is lost on those afflicted with chronic denialism.

    Yeah, I’ll wager the kids were referring to Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, too. Milloy pushed beyond that a little, JScuba went far beyond the pale.

    I regret I wasn’t more clear.


  6. Bryan says:

    I’m having a little trouble keeping track of the players without a scorecard. Milloy’s post started the “Shower Nazi” meme, yes? I was inclined to look at the Nazi reference as more “Soup Nazi” than a Godwin moment. Is jscuba the guy at “Stop Socialism Now”? If so, his portrait of Obama in a brown shirt certainly crosses the line into Godwinville. The Soup Nazi only wore a chef coat, never a brown shirt, so the joke didn’t go too far.


  7. Nick Kelsier says:

    One would think they could get it through their heads that Nazi’s are on the far right wing of the political spectrum.


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