Cronkite narrates Texas water supply programs

February 10, 2008

And they are available for classroom use at a very modest price.

A couple of weeks ago I caught most of a program on water resources in Texas, from the Texas Parks and WildlifeDepartment. What caught my ear was the voice of Walter Cronkite, I thought.

Sure enough, it was Cronkite.

Texas Springs trailer image

TP&W produces a weekly program on the lands it manages, recreation and other issues dealing with land and environmental protection in Texas. The weekly programs come packed full of information and great photography — wise Texas history and geography teachers will see whether their local PBS station carries this program and tape it regularly.

Several times in the past five years TP&W produced special programs on Texas water resources. This one was produced in 2007:

Texas, the State of Springs: This hour-long documentary, narrated by Walter Cronkite, examines the alarming decline of Texas’ natural springs and addresses the current issues that directly impact spring flow and what can be done to save these vital resources.

Texas the State of Springs, initially aired on PBS stations across Texas on Thursday, February 15, 2007.

You may purchase a DVD copy of the documentary — and of two previous editions, one narrated by Cronkite and an earlier one narrated by Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel. They are available for $12.00 each, a bargain. Copyright expressly encourages use of these productions in classrooms.

Every middle school and high school in Texas should have a copy of these programs in their libraries. Perhaps your PTA would donate the $36.00 to put all three of them there?

Walter Cronkite, recording for Texas Parks & Wildlife

That’s the way it is!

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