Carnival of History XXXVII

August 15, 2006

It just gets better every time you go!  The 37th Carnival of History is up at Mode for Caleb

There’s a pointer to my James Madison post of some days ago, where I noted the need for a new, popular biography of Madison, to round out and balance the couple dozen fine books on the American Revolution, and the people who made it and cemented it into place. There’s also a pointer to a very interesting bit of Madison/Jefferson trivia, their use of codes, at the American Presidents Blog.

(I know some people who would love to do the Madison book, should any of you be publishers in need.)

Texas adds financial literacy standards

August 15, 2006

Teachers in Texas got notice in the past week of the financial literacy standards the State Board of Education approved over the summer. There is a push on nationally to add these standards in every state. The Department of the Treasury has been working to push such standards and create materials for teachers to use in classrooms.

Most Texas school districts were working on such a curriculum, I think — every one I checked was, if that’s any indication.

Odd side note: The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) provided meetings with the Department of the Treasury and guidance for state school boards doing what Texas did — but the Texas SBOE dropped out of that organization over an anti-bullying campaign also promulgated by NASBE. The problem was that NASBE’s program said homosexual kids should not be bullied, and the Texas board members disagreed. Yes, I know, there is no rational way to defend that decision, but there you go. Read the rest of this entry »

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