Map projection lesson planning material

Ooooh. I love maps. I like teaching about them. Projection is an issue for middle schoolers, though — they seem not quite to grasp why it’s important to show Greenland smaller than Australia.

Well, that’s an issue I have not reconciled.

But I did stumble across some cool animations on the Fuller Projection, such as that shown below.

Go see. And see an animation here.

Update: In comments, spatulated at A Bit Tasty lists a source for a poster of the Earth done in Fuller Projection.

2 Responses to Map projection lesson planning material

  1. Thanks, this animation will come in handy when I talk about the Portuguese explorers, cartographers, etc. This is much, much better than taking an orange and cutting the peeling so it will lay flat on the table. Fun, but too messy.


  2. spatulated says: (thats the link. thanks for reminding me)


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