D. James Kennedy suffers heart attack

Browsing at Positive Liberty today I first saw the news that the Rev. D. James Kennedy suffered a heart attack, and is hospitalized. Kennedy is the head of Coral Ridge Ministries in Florida, and a leader of the history revisionist movement to rewrite especially textbooks to argue that the U.S. should have a religiously-based government.

It appears the news didn’t get out quickly. The Miami Herald had a story just today, though Kennedy’s heart attack was last Thursday. Jonathan Rowe urges a speedy recovery, so Kennedy can continue to provide material for that blog. I think there’s enough material for this blog without Kennedy, but I wish him a complete recovery anyway.

2 Responses to D. James Kennedy suffers heart attack

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    No. Kennedy leads the effort to change history as it was to history as it suits him. Perhaps the only person ahead of him on that scale would be David Barton.

    Actually, Barton appears to be the source of much of Kennedy’s stuff. Barton’s work is notoriously inaccurate, and completely false in places.

    But, without people trying to make up history, what would we have to do at the Bad History Carnival, and on this blog and others like it?

    I hope Kennedy has a speedy and complete recovery. I also keep praying he comes to his senses about history. If I get only one prayer answered, which one should it be?


  2. Porter says:

    Revisionist history movement? You mean history truth movement don’t you?


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