Washington’s Valley Forge vision that never was

At Boston 1775, J. L. Bell discusses what is known about the accuracy of reports that Gen. George Washington had a vision of an angel while the Continental Army camped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. I cannot improve on Mr. Bell’s telling of the story, so go read it there.

7 Responses to Washington’s Valley Forge vision that never was

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Frankie, if angels helped Washington out, do we need to make up fictional stories to bolster Washington’s reputation? I find most people who want this false story told simply don’t know much about Washington. The true stories are even better. Have you read 1776?

    You should.


  2. Frankie says:

    I am very tired of the iconoclastic Americans who spend valuable time shooting down our past heroes. Everyone is trying to dig up dirt and discount spiritual stories. I don’t believe the story about the cherry tree or the half dollar across the Potomac, but I do believe that George Washington was inspired by God to do his part in the founding of this great nation. I also believe that this land is a land of promise to those who inhabit it as long as they recognize the hand of God in preserving it. I also believe that angels minister among us all the time. We just don’t recognize them either. I sincerely pray that God doesn’t give up on us because of the ones who have given up on Him. And I repeat: God bless America!


  3. Mark B. says:

    This story is bull—-. If it had been as deep at Valley Forge as it is on the websites spewing this nonsense, Washington wouldn’t have got off his horse to pray–or he’d have drowned in it.


  4. James Armbruster says:

    What is amazing to me, is that all these websites use the story of a 99 year old man. From that, some websites discount it as a story of a 99 year old man, told in the third person and therefore isn’t true. Others, just take it as true. There is nothing to say it is true, other than a reporter reported it as true.

    However, there is another source, there are Washington’s letters and personal prayers, which mention this vision as well.

    Either way, if a person chooses not to believe that he had this vision, no matter what is brought as evidence, the story will be discounted, and the unbelievers will continue to not believe. Somewhere in this clash of beliefs, the believer will have their character assassinated. I believed it originally, and after finding other sources, I now know that my belief is well founded. God Bless America!


  5. Lyn Davis says:

    Benjamin Franklin had quite a vision for the future when he invented bi-focals eyeglasses – even though many of us curse them, they do serve as a useful tool when are arms no longer meet the length of our sight


  6. bernarda says:

    Most Americans believe in angels, so why not such stories supporting their beliefs?



  7. Jon Rowe says:

    I see we have been thinking along the same track!


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