Ghost of Joe McCarthy: LGF/Malkin assault on Rachael Ray

WARNING: Satirical material ahead.

At long last, Sen. McCarthy Little Green Footballs, have you no decency?

One wonders just how much mob activity these guys can provoke before somebody — perhaps someone at LGF, and Michelle Malkin’s blog — wakes up and stands up to stop the madness.

Rachael Ray wore a black and white patterned scarf at a shoot for a Dunkin’ Donuts ad. As a Blood to a blue bandana or a Crip to a red one, LGF pulled out their rhetorical guns and started firing. ‘Aren’t those the colors of Yassir Arafat’s group, Al Fatah?’ LGF wonders.

You couldn’t make up this kind of craziness if it didn’t exist. Well, almost couldn’t make it up.

I expect that, next, Little Green Footballs will hear that some radio stations are suppressing the news about the invasion of Martians.

Next week: Little Green cake pans filmed flying across LGF’s yard, and LGF leads a new dig at the old quarry in Piltdown. How long before Nebraska Man shows up in the credits to Michelle Malkin’s blog, and they start rooting for the Cardiff Giant during the Hall of Fame Game in Cooperstown? Is it true that Michelle Malkin has an interview with Judge Crater set up for later this week?

Barnum’s ghost is tired.

What Michelle Malkin and LGF claimed to see:

British woman wearing Palestinian kaffiyah

What everyone else saw:

Rachael Ray advertises for Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts pulled the ad rather than risk offending anyone. The scarf had a paisley design, a company spokesman told LGF — and no one disputes that.

Does anyone else see the irony of Little Green Footballs complaining about this and inciting a mob? What will they do when they realize that green was Mohammed’s favorite color, and is almost an official color of Islam?

And when the truth comes out, will it be that LGF was mainstreaming terrorism to sell Little Green Footballs — like mob action against a donut shop — occasionally outing one of their friends or some innocent person to avoid suspicion themselves?

Santayana was right. What do you know about Herb Philbrick’s dip into communism double agentry, in I Led Three Lives? What do you remember about Robespierre and the Summer of Terror? What do you remember about Stalin’s installation of terror in the Soviet Union?

Why aren’t Malkin and LGF going after Rev. Moon, or some real threat to something — whooping cough, measles, something really dangerous?

Whose side is Little Green Footballs on, anyway?

Islamic religious flag of Turkey

Tip of the old scrub brush to Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

Other Resources:

Update: Greater, sadder irony: Rachael Ray’s site today featured a nice tribute to our troops, with recipes.

7 Responses to Ghost of Joe McCarthy: LGF/Malkin assault on Rachael Ray

  1. Jim Silvers says:

    The Ghost of Joe McCarthy – Jim Silvers – writer

    They called the man a hero, for years he played the part
    We knew he had the guts and will, we thought he had the heart
    But somewhere in that prison, they sowed an awful seed
    That made him think he was absolved from any future deed

    When he made it to the Senate, his honor was intact
    And when he made a few wrong moves, he somehow pulled it back
    But the seed that they’d implanted, took root within his soul
    As ambition grew unfettered, the hero lost his hold

    And the ghost of Joe McCarthy is howling from the grave
    As Palin and her running mate resurrect the shame
    They’ve conjured up a blacklist, are we that naïve and lame
    To let the ghost of Joe McCarthy speak through John McCain

    Now his fall from grace is written, in his eyes, across his face
    While he’s tried to hide behind the skirts, of a creature filled with hate
    Let the witches stir the cauldron, there’ll be blood on all our hands
    If we give in to the fear they’ve strewn, across our fabled land

    Copyright 2008


  2. No Name says:

    Hold on ! Greatest part is this what Dunkin’s Donuts sell is in fact Islamic traditional food prepared for special days!


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    You’re assuming that this was an Arab-style headdress done in the pattern of Al Fatah. There is not a shred of evidence to support that claim.

    Red, white and blue are the traditional colors of the French Revolution — that doesn’t make the U.S. flag a tribute to the Reign of Terror.

    Sometimes a black and white scarf is just a black and white scarf.

    Absent any showing of any political animus on the part of Dunkin’ Donuts or Rachael Ray, it’s awfully uncharitable of anyone to suggest there is some — not to mention paranoiac and disassociative.

    As I noted, Little Green Footballs uses Mohammed’s favorite color. Symbols are important — why shouldn’t they change their behavior? Why aren’t you all over them for their support of Islamic terrorists? There’s a greater liklihood that a political bunch like LGF would be doing that than Rachael Ray, famous family cook, would be.

    Where’s your sense of proportion? Where’s your reason? Why aren’t you being fair?


  4. Betty says:

    While I agree this is ridiculous because her scarf looks simply like a scarf, I’d like to play the devel’s advocate. We must remember symbols have always represented an important part of all cultures throughout time. Had Rachel Ray worn a swastika arm band or white hood the world would have been appalled. I am amazed that certain forms of dress have become en vogue. As an expatriate from the U.S. it disturbs me that we can be so insensitive especially after 911 and I can only attribute this to ignorance. For many of us living elsewhere in the world, we see up close what these symbols represent. These organizations and governments actively support the suppression of women, the banning of freedom of religion and speech, and the tacit acceptance of violence against innocent human beings all in the name of a cause or belief. Have we become so P.C. that we refuse to tell the truth or are we somehow hoping that our own human/democratic values are also shared by all? Read, listen and observe. Actions always speak louder than words. Remember, symbols are powerful messages!


  5. Okay, that does seem rather silly.


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