Texans want McLeroy gone, too

Texans who ought to know want Education Commissar Don McLeroy out, too — P. Z. Myers (“Fire Don McLeroy”) is not the only one.

In a letter reported in only one newspaper I’ve found, The Houston Chronicle, State Board of Education member Mary Helen Baranga of Corpus Christi asked Gov. Rick Perry to fire McLeroy.

Don McLeroy “has created havoc” as chairman of the State Board of Education and should be replaced, the senior member of the board said in a letter to Gov. Rick Perry.

“It is such a shame that after all these years of trying to improve public education in Texas, we are taking steps backwards because of Don McElroy,” Mary Helen Berlanga of Corpus Christi said in her letter to Perry, misspelling McLeroy’s name.

Berlanga, who has been on the 15-member board since 1984, said McLeroy’s leadership has been a disaster and asked Perry to replace him with “a moderate conservative who can work with all members of the State Board of Education and the citizens of this state.”

Gov. Perry said the SBOE should deal with the issues.

Has Perry forgotten what office he holds?   Nuts.

3 Responses to Texans want McLeroy gone, too

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Readers, go see Tony’s blog entry. I think, after reading his description, this event falls on the “evil” side of the scale. This sort of playground revenge is too juvenile for serious politics, for serious government. McLeroy is demonstrating no control of issues intellectually, and now it seems he can’t control his temper, either? Our children’s futures are at risk — get a grown-up in there.


  2. Tony Whitson says:

    Ed, I think this helps answer your question about disorganization vs dishonest strategy. See http://curricublog.org/2008/05/26/berlanga-v-mcleroy/


  3. Ediacaran says:

    This is going to take a lawsuit. What is required for legal standing in this instance? First it was the TX SBOE math book fiasco, then this, just so McLeroy and his creationist colleagues can see what they can get away with in preparation for eviscerating the upcoming science curriculum.

    Does anyone have links to Texas’ open meeting laws? Is there no requirement that proposed revisions must be part of the public record at least 30 days prior to an SBOE meeting?

    All thinking Texans – yes, both of you (just kidding!) – need to get involved:



    And in preparation for the fight against against McLeroy pushing his creationist agenda, please consider joining the National Center for Science Education and Texas Citizens for Science:




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