Millard Fillmore’s place in the blogosphere

American President’s Blog has 14 posts indexed to Millard Fillmore, as of today. That’s among the fewest listings of all the presidents (but more than Abigail Adams!).

Millard Fillmore, from Clipart, Etc.

Millard Fillmore, from Clipart, Etc.

Fillmore lost out on the “hardest name to spell” poll, but he won “most obscure president.”

The blog has a nice summary of sources on Fillmore, but nothing about the bathtub! I get e-mail often from people looking for information about Fillmore — usually junior high and younger kids, the ones who didn’t pick a more famous president quickly when the teacher said “Now choose a president to do a report on.” In reality, there just isn’t a lot available, on the internet, or in print. (I’ve collected a few sources here.)

Fillmore, perhaps more than any other president, put Japan where it is today. Matthew C. Perry usually gets the credit for opening Japan, most historians focusing on the drama of Commodore Perry’s visit rather than the action of the president who sent him there.

Fillmore’s place in history: He’s fallen into one of the cracks.

At least the American President’s Blog didn’t get sucked in by the bathtub hoax.

Image from Clipart, Etc., part of Florida’s Educational Technology Clearing House

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