What if Obama carried Alaska?

Just wondering, after reading the latest news from Mudflats:  “McCain Palin Rally vs. Obama Biden Rally in Anchorage!  The blow by blow.

2 Responses to What if Obama carried Alaska?

  1. KC says:

    Yeah. There was a few months when McCain was really listing in the water here, but when Palin got put on the ticket, that pretty much put an end to that. Political rallies are rarely indicative of voter results, for they’re in part governed by short-term motivations, and things like accessibility and availability. For example, rural voters can’t very well go to Anchorage to take place in a rally. Most of the state is rural. Similarly, rallies are rarely at good times for people who do day shifts.

    It’s better to trust randomized polls. And even they have problems in Alaska (not everyone has phone service, for one).

    There’s a collection of polls available at
    I’d drop the second poll of the month of September, as it’s clearly an outlier. Still, Obama’s campaign has pulled out of the state. There aren’t any more ads on TV, here. It’s now a shoe-in for McCain.


  2. blueollie says:

    Won’t happen. Yes, Alaska was sort of a toss up state for a short while (e. g., as was ND) but, as much as I’d love to see it, it won’t happen.

    now if Palin runs for governor again it wouldn’t surprise me to see her get a primary challenge and she might well lose that…which would be sweet.


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