Malaria/DDT Carnival addendum

It’s almost as interesting that these posts show up on the same day, as what they say.

Following on the heels of the impromptu Malaria/DDT carnival earlier in the week, take a look at these posts:

2 Responses to Malaria/DDT Carnival addendum

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Glad yours is in remission. Good luck.


  2. quin browne says:


    you wanted to know my research…. there isn’t any, to be honest. my cousin, mary, was diagnosed with papillary cancer 10 years ago. mine was follicular thyroid cancer in the second stage. the lab results came back while i was on the table that the tumour was bad. the surgeon said the minute he saw it, he knew. “ugliest malignant tumour i’ve ever seen on a thyroid” was his statement.

    mary’s sister, ann, is being checked now… actually, we think it’s genetic. my grandmother showed signs of thyroid problems, although never diagnosed.

    we wondered about the ddt, because we actually did run behind the trucks in new orleans to keep the bugs off…

    i do live in utah now, in the downwind area… but, the tumour was obviously there before i moved. oddly, my uncle died of cancer directly related to his involvement in nuclear testing with the army in the 50’s.

    hope this helps…


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