Creationist as Texan of the Year

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year selection sometimes produces a shudder, such as when Ayotullah Khomeini got the designation for 1979.  Time patiently explains that the designation is for the person who most affected the year, not necessarily the good guys.  Even bad guys affect history.

The Dallas Morning News designates a “Texan of the Year,” with a month of conjecture and nominations for who it should be.  True to the Time tradition, News columnist Steve Blow nominated a member of the Texas State Board of Eduacation, Cynthia Dunbar.  Blow explained his nomination:

I mean, how do you top someone who warned us that the next president is a terrorist sympathizer with plans to topple the government?

Thank you, Cynthia Dunbar.

You knew about that, of course.

Dunbar is part of Dark Ages Coalition threatening to take Texas school kids hostage if science standards should — brace yourself — support science in Texas public school classrooms.   You think I’m kidding?  Blow noted that Dunbar’s views, now available in a book, do not count America’s public schools as things of much value.

In fact, she calls public education itself a “subtly deceptive tool of perversion.” (Her kids have been home-schooled and attended private school.)

So on the slight possibility that she’s completely wrong about Barack Obama’s secret plan to overthrow America, I’d make her Texan of the Year for a second reason.

The Prophet Dunbar just might wake Texans up to the circus that is our State Board of Education.

That would be valuable, yes.

Note:  I do object, with a smile, to Blow’s calling Dunbar our state Cassandra.  Cassandra’s curse was that no one would listen to her, though she accurately foresaw the future.  Dunbar doesn’t seem to be connected with accuracy in any discernible fashion.

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4 Responses to Creationist as Texan of the Year

  1. […] A nation where Cynthia Dunbar thinks Thomas Jefferson gets too much credit, but Barack Obama is a foreign terrorist […]


  2. barryweber says:

    Creationism is easier to understand than Evolution- that’s the bottom line for the 30-second-ability-to-concentrate crowd. Can’t be bothered with DNA, epochal time, and continental drift? Fine; just cram God into a box the size of your stunted imagination, build a fort around it, and legislate others’ acceptance of it.


  3. Badger3k says:

    Don’t forget that we here in Texas know people who will listen to her. Maybe the Anti-Cassandra? People listen, and she’s full of excrement?


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