Creationism vs. Christianity

December 20, 2008

Several weeks ago I responded to a lengthy thread at Unreasonable FaithThe original post was Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” cartoon of the guy in a doctor’s office, just diagnosed with an infection.  The physician asks the guy if he’s a creationist, explaining that if he is, the doc will treat him with old antibiotics in honor of his belief that evolution of bacteria doesn’t occur. [Time passes: You may find the Doonesbury cartoon here, at, in an article discussing issues with creationism.]

Point being, of course, that evolution occurs in the real world.  Creationists rarely exhibit the faith of their claims when their life, or just nagging pain, is on the line.  They’ll choose the evolution-based medical treatment almost every time.  There are no creationists in the cancer or infectious disease wards.

At one point I responded to a comment loaded with typical creationist error.  It was a long post.  It covered some ground that I’ve not written about on this blog.  And partly because it took some time to assemble, I’m reposting my comments here.  Of course, without the Trudeau cartoon, it won’t get nearly the comments here.

I’ll add links here when I get a chance, which I lacked the time to do earlier.  See my post, below the fold.

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Holy Pythagoras! Creationists are targeting math

December 20, 2008

They complain that they shouldn’t be compared to the Taliban in Afghanistan, but then creationists do what the Taliban do.

Watch out.  Creationists appear to be targeting mathematics, in addition to their misaimed criticisms of biology.  You remember the “God centered” math courses at Castle Hills First Baptist School, in San Antonio.

So, when I came across this post, at Joe Carter’s Home for Wayward Evangelicals, I thought it time to sound an alarm.  See “Mathematics and Religiously-based Explanations.

Did Leibniz’s religion seriously affect his mathematics?  Is it time to call in the men in white, with the nets?

Mark at Pseudo-Polymath adds to the discussion — it’s difficult to tell if he’s writing in parody or not.

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