Snow photos

Forecast is 70 degrees in Dallas on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Catherine Sherman has some photos of snow near Kansas City.  Nice stuff. (I don’t have her permission to copy the photo here — go see her blog.)

I particularly like her photo of the river birch tree.  It appeals to the botanist that still survives within me, plus it gives me hope about the proliferation of electronic cameras and the mass recording of things of interest to science.

Sherman writes that Kansas is the only state which has no native pines.  Is that accurate?  Does that count include Hawaii?  (What are the native pines of Hawaii?)

In short, it’s really cool.

One Response to Snow photos

  1. Catherine Sherman says:

    I’ve been searching, and you’re right to be curious about whether pine trees are native to Hawaii. They’re not. They were introduced. They love it there, though, as do so many introduced species, for better or worse…Thanks for focusing on my snow post.


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