Darwinian medicine works; should we tell the children?

The indomitable  and always informative Coturnix at Blog Around the Clock pointed to this excerpt from an interview Richard Dawkins did with Randolph Nesse.  Randy Nesse is one of the most visible exponents of Darwinian medicine.  Nesse argues that much of modern medicine, especially the treatments and cures, is incomprehensible except in the light of evolution theory.

In short, Nesse is saying that the ability of physicians to diagnose and treat disease depends on accurate understandings and applications of evolution theory.

Does this sound familiar?  Sure — this is just a deeper understanding of the principles behind Austin biologist Steve Bratteng’s 13 Questions.

Creationists are working to be sure that Nesse’s points are kept from Texas high school students in science classes.  From this interview,  you can see why scientists ask the State Board of Education to ask Texas educators to teach science instead.  Actions of creationists are directed at preventing information such as this from getting to Texas students, to keep them in the dark.

Texas Citizens for Science, the Texas Freedom Network, and Teach Them Science.org are three organizations working to make sure Texas students get straight science that they need.


4 Responses to Darwinian medicine works; should we tell the children?

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  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Marianne — watch the videos. Most of modern medicine has much, or everything to do with evolution. Cancer research, into treatments and cures, rests squarely on evolution theory (for those that are non-quack treatments, that work).

    If we did not have evolution theory, we’d not have the diagnosis of the site of the problem of diabetes. We’d not have had the first treatments, using bovine and porcine insulin. Nor without evolution theory could we have gotten to the point we are now, where e. coli have been genetically engineered to produce human insulin (by Genentech, originally — a company whose entire existence is fueled by practical applications of evolution theory).

    Not glamorizing evolution — merely stating the point that so many wish to deny. Evolution theory is critical to commercial and healthy life today. We can’t afford to have scientists unschooled in it — which is one reason we have so many foreign scientists coming into the U.S. today: They know the science better than U.S. kids.

    If you don’t think evolution is critical to medicine, stop your diabetes treatments, and don’t you dare use anything other than penicillin for treating infections of any sort. And don’t bother getting another flu shot, since you claim influenza viruses don’t follow evolution — you won’t need a new shot against the old viruses, will you? (See the graphic, here. And see my response to another creationist, here.)

    Heck, while you’re at it, can you answer any of Steve Bratteng’s 13 questions, without reliance on evolution? Could you pass the quiz his students do?


  3. douglas a. slusher says:

    this is off topic. i didnmt see a location for email so i just jumped on here. i was wondering if you attend any of the freethinkers meetups in te area. if you dont i think you would be a welcom voice . next sat there is a meetup of a few groups all meeting together for the fist time it will be held in grapevine. if you would be interested in attending please let me know and i will give you the iformation on the time and place. thank you. douglas a slusher.


  4. Marianne says:

    I think you are glamorizing evolution. Evolution has nothing to do with medicine. If that theory did not exist, we would still have good medicine, which is based on research, not mindless speculation about where we came from “millions” of years ago.


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