P.Z. Myers, “Darwin’s cephalopod,” threatens to sleep forever

September 9, 2009

Well, how would you read this?  P.Z. said:

Wake me up when a creationist says something intelligent.

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I get e-mail, on Obama’s education speech

September 9, 2009

A friend notes:

We made [our daughter]l watch it at home, because her school — a Lutheran/Missouri Synod school — wouldn’t show it.  (Of course.)

She has always LOVED President Obama for very eight year old reasons.  He has two little girls.  His wife is pretty.  He bought his daughters a puppy.

Well, after hearing him say “do your homework”…”try again”…”obey your parents and teachers”…”work hard”…”never stop trying”…etc…

She said…

Daddy, I wish Bush was President again.

Now just sit back and let that sink in.

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