Is the Mayan calendar right? End of world, film at 11

September 20, 2009

Few weeks go by that some student doesn’t ask me about the Mayan calendar and its “ending” in 2012.

I suggest that students keep a chart of predictions of the end of the Earth, or other psychics’ predictions, and see how accurate they are.

And tommorrow, September 21, students tracking such things should get an eye-opener one way or another.

Here’s a site that predicts the beginning of the end for September 21, 2009. It’s an odd, unholy amalgam of Mayan woo, Nostradamus, pagan woo and Christian hoo-haw.

Be sure to check back Tuesday morning.

P. Z. Myers at Pharyngula dug up the site.  More discussion there — much of it deliciously rude.

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Boy Scouts of Harlem, Troop 759

September 20, 2009

First I’ve heard of this film:  “759:  Boy Scouts of Harlem,” a film by Jake Boritt and Justin Szlasa.

Have you seen it?

2010 is the 100th anniversary of Scouting in the U.S.  This film is not officially a part of that celebration — but expect to see more like it.  This film was produced independently, with approval from one Scout council, but entirely independent from Scouting otherwise.

Would this make a good recruiting device for your troop?  Why or why not?

Perhaps one of the Scouts in your troop, working on the cinematography merit badge, might be inspired to make a film like this about your troop.


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