Happy Birthday, Milly!

Millard Fillmore was born January 7, 1800. Had he lived, Millard Fillmore would be 210 years old today, and probably very cranky, and looking for a good book to read.

Millard Fillmore (unknown artist, circa 1840) - National Portrait Gallery

Millard Fillmore (unknown artist, circa 1840) - National Portrait Gallery

Would you blame him for being cranky?  He opened Japan to trade.  He got from Mexico the land necessary to make Los Angeles a great world city and the Southern Pacific a great railroad, without firing a shot.  Fillmore promoted economic development of the Mississippi River.  He managed to keep a fractious nation together despite itself for another three years.  Fillmore let end the practice of presidents using slaves to staff the White House (then called “the President’s Mansion”).

Then in 1852 his own party refused to nominate him for a full term, making him the last Whig to be president.  And to add insult to ignominy, H. L. Mencken falsely accused him of being known only for adding a bathtub to the White House, something he didn’t do.

As Antony said of Caesar, the good was interred with his bones — but Millard Fillmore doesn’t even get credit for whatever evil he might have done:  Fillmore is remembered most for being the butt of a hoax gone awry, committed years after his death.  Or worse, he’s misremembered for what the hoax alleged he did.

Even beneficiaries of his help promoting the Mississippi River have taken his name off their annual celebration of the eventFillmore has been eclipsed, even in mediocrity (is there still a Millard Fillmore Society in Washington?).

Happy birthday, Millard Fillmore.

Millard Fillmore was a man of great civic spirit, a man who answered the call to serve even when most others couldn’t hear it at all.  He was a successful lawyer, despite having had only six months of formal education (a tribute to non-high school graduates and lifelong learning).  Unable to save the Union, he established the University of Buffalo and the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.  And, it is said of him, that Queen Victoria said he was the most handsome man she had ever met.

A guy like that deserves a toast, don’t you think?


5 Responses to Happy Birthday, Milly!

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Looks to me like you spelled it correctly, Terry L ::wink, wink::


  2. Terry L says:

    Oops. Wrong word choice. Of course I meant “Know Nothing Party”. Guess I got caught up in the emotion of the moment.


  3. Terry L says:

    HB Bob just doesn’t get it, does he? He also doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Fortunately there are those of us who posses both humor and an appreciation for history, even the quirky stuff. Guess we can’t count on Captain Happy to support a revival of the Know Nothing Party! Cheers.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    So, HB Bob — been sucking a lot of lemons today, or what?


  5. HB Bob says:

    Landed here by accident but this caught my eye.

    “Had he lived, Millard Fillmore would be 210 years old today”…

    I don’t think a more stupid sentence has ever been written.

    And who cares about Millard Fillmore? I sure don’t. You life must be pretty dull if this excites you.



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