Everybody works harder than Rick Perry

Bill White is rising in the polls, and, according to some watchers, has a good chance to unseat Texas Gov. Rick Perry, seeking an unprecedented fourth term in office (he succeeded George W. Bush when Bush won the presidency).

Perry is scared, as illustrated by his chickening out of debates (he said that he wouldn’t debate White unless white released tax returns dating back nearly two decades, more than Perry has by a long stretch; plus, the period covered includes White’s service in the federal government, which required an annual report of financial information more detailed than tax returns).

White’s been combing Perry’s record to document where he and Perry differ — and in the doing, White’s team discovered that the official records from the governor’s office show he puts in fewer than ten hours of work a week.

If just half the Texans who put in more work hours than Rick Perry were to vote for White, White would win in a landlside.

At a minimum, it makes for an interesting political ad.

3 Responses to Everybody works harder than Rick Perry

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    White’s account also covered time Perry was listed as working outside his office, according to the records from Perry’s office.

    But were one to count only the time Obama spends in the Oval office, one would get beyond 10 hours a week solely on security briefings alone.


  2. Shawn says:

    The ad is misleading. It’s like saying the amount of work BHO does by only counting his time spent in the Oval Office.


  3. Texan for Justice says:

    There are four types of employees:
    1.smart and energetic
    2.smart and lazy
    3.dumb and lazy
    4.dumb and energetic

    Employees 1,2 & 3 won’t particularly hurt you. However, the worst and most dangerous employee is #4, dumb and energetic, for they can do more harm than the other three combined. When you think about Perry working less than 10 hours a week, that’s probably a good thing for Texas.



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