Sherffius cartoon on DADT repeal

Sherffius cartoon on repeal of Don't Ask/Don't Tell

When does Sherffius get the Pulitzer?

Sherffius, cartooning in the Boulder (Colorado) Daily Camera.  When does he get a Pulitzer?

8 Responses to Sherffius cartoon on DADT repeal

  1. James Hanley says:

    I’ve never been to the Adirondacks, but my kids are getting to the age where I think we can start doing multi-day trips with them, so maybe that will be on my agenda in a few years. I’ve long wanted to go there.

    I want to do Big Bend, too (although I probably wouldn’t be able to get Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy out of my mind the whole time). If I ever get such a trip set up, I’ll shoot you an email to see if you’re available.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Fun canoeing in Texas, good day trips. Not “great” in my experience. The Brazos offers a few points for a good day trip, and liveries will pick up and drop off. I’ve done a part of the San Marcos, starting at the best part, in the crystal clear waters of the springs of the river.

    My experience here doesn’t include the fortitude to try a long trip on the Trinity, though such a trip is likely to expose areas of undevelopment unexpected in most of Texas. Nor have I had the chance to canoe the Rio Grande through the Big Bend and along the border of Big Bend National Park. That would be a trip worth taking. I think canoeing Caddo Lake would be a grand way to see it, but I’m not sure how safe that would be with the alligators.

    Lately I’ve been lamenting that I’ve not been back to the Saranac Lakes area of the Adirondack Park in a couple of decades. No whitewater, but a thousand possibilities for a four- or five-day trip in different circuits that produce very little overlap in routing, with lots of wildlife, and great contrasts between developed and undeveloped areas. And I regret that I’ve never done Utah’s White River, nor the Boundary Waters.

    All of which suggests my canoeing in Texas hasn’t found the best spots at all. REI here in Dallas appears to sell a lot of canoes, so there must be something better than I know around, probably close. I’m clearly not the informed source you need.


  3. James Hanley says:


    I do have a canoe, but the one in the photo is a rental. The pic was taken by my brother last July in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area. I hesitate to call myself avid, because it seems to me that the really avid canoeists find ways to overcome the obstacles that I allow to prevent me from getting out as often as I want. But I’d rather canoe than do just about anything else (especially if I can combine the canoeing with a beer and a cigar). That trip the photo commemorates was a three-day trip. The day after my brother and I came out of the BW I went back in with a friend for a 5 day trip. At the end of 8 days I still would have preferred to stay out there longer.

    And, oddly, just today I spent hours poring over maps of the BW and Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, plotting out a possible trip for next summer. So perhaps I have some small claim to avidity.

    I’ve heard there’s good canoeing down in Texas, too. Do you indulge?


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    Gotta ask, Prof. Hanley — is that your canoe, or a rental? Are you an avid canoeist?


  5. Nick K says:

    How is it disgusting and a denigration, Mugwa?


  6. James Hanley says:

    Classic. Wonderful.


  7. Mugwa says:

    Disgusting. What a denigration. How narissitic.


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