Texas Lege plans to throw education under the bus

In a desperate attempt to hold on to tax cuts for big oil companies, estate and plantation owners, Republicans in the Texas legislature announced they will steamroll Democrats to throw education under the Texas budget bus.

Seatbelts won’t help the kids in front of the bus.

In a possibly unrelated move, some legislators are re-thinking their plan to allow teachers to carry firearms.

You couldn’t write fiction like this.  Farce with tragic consequences, or pure tragedy?

4 Responses to Texas Lege plans to throw education under the bus

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  2. Nick K says:

    Oh I’ve been saying that for years, Jim.

    The funny thing is I’ve said that to Republicans plenty of times…and not one of them has ever denied it.


  3. Jim says:

    Dumbs are easier to control, Nick.


  4. Nick K says:

    I have to wonder why Republicans insist on thinking that there will be a strong viable economy in this country if there also isn’t a strong viable public education system in this country.


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