Whenever she opens her mouth

After the Republican presidential candidates’ debate, observers of the pageant opined that Michelle Bachmann had little command of history (as usual, in her case), but a great command of turning phrases that telegraph to particular interest groups that she is one of them.  For example, somewhere in the debate Bachmann sneaked in a claim that “we are the head and not the tail.”  This was said to be a cryptic shout out to fundamentalist Christians, a reference to Deuteronomy 28.13.

So, if Bachmann is so thoughtful, so careful to send coded messages to her supporters, one may wonder:  What group is she giving a shout out to, here, in her appearance in Waterloo, Iowa:

Nominally, one might think she’s sending a note to all of us in the John Wayne fan club.  But some of us in the fan club remember that Marion Mitchell Morrison  (John Wayne’s non-screen name) was born — in Iowa, true — but in Winterset, in the southern part of the state.

Waterloo was the home of another man who was born with the name “John Wayne.”  But that was John Wayne Gacy, the serial murderer who moved to Waterloo, Iowa in the middle 1960s.

Oy.  Wrong John Wayne to affiliate with Waterloo, or even to remind Waterloo residents about.  History that is, regretfully, bogus.  Or voodoo history, depending on whether one thinks Bachmann is conscious, not on drugs, and meant what she said.

Bachmann told CBS News that she’s running because “People are tired of being told things that aren’t so.”  Practice what you preach, Ms. Bachmann?

Sunday I watched Bachmann vs. CBS’s veteran report Bob Schieffer.  Schieffer asked her about her tendency to tell extremely tall tales — like her claim that the Obama administration had failed to approve any oil leases, when the total approved at that point was 270 leases.  Bachmann went off on a tangent.  Schieffer asked the question a second time.  She went on another tangent.  Schieffer asked a third time, a third tangent.

History challenged, veracity challenged: Every time Michelle Bachmann opens her mouth, it’s an adventure.

8 Responses to Whenever she opens her mouth

  1. James Kessler says:

    Well that would explain what Fareed Zakaria was writing about in this: http://www.fareedzakaria.com/home/Articles/Entries/2011/6/16_How_Todays_Conservatism_Lost_Touch_with_Reality.html


  2. Pangolin says:

    “As others have noted, Republican’s hero John Wayne was a phoney war hero, a drug abuser, drank to excess, and was an adulterer. Family values!”

    No, no, you don’t get it. The Republicans are in favor of emulating the fictional persona of “John Wayne” as played in movies and public appearances by Marion Mitchell Morrison. It would be like Barack Obama making a campaign reference to the birthplace of Harry Potter.

    Ronald Reagan was absolutely clueless except for the talent of giving speeches and spouting grandfatherly anecdotes. You could practically see the strings of his puppeteers. He left the nation in massive debt and saddled us with thirty years of homeless citizens. Ronny’s a Republican saint now.

    They could give a crap about reality. Reality is complicated and comes with taxes and plumbing repairs. Who wants that.


  3. mark says:

    As others have noted, Republican’s hero John Wayne was a phoney war hero, a drug abuser, drank to excess, and was an adulterer. Family values!


  4. Pangolin says:

    “Perhaps one of the right wingers here would like to explain to us why being a sociopathic liar is held as a virtue by them?”

    People emulate those traits seen in their heroes that are most recognizable in themselves.


  5. James Kessler says:

    I already had one try and con me by saying that she mentioned that he was born in Iowa and not in a specific town in Iowa…..

    Perhaps one of the right wingers here would like to explain to us why being a sociopathic liar is held as a virtue by them?


  6. Pat says:

    I wonder if Ms. Bachmann, and all the other “never served” Chicken Hawks of the Right know the total disdain in which real veterans, especially real combat veterans, hold John Wayne and the total BS of his swaggering, posturing war movies?

    In fact, a common phrase used in teaching Newbies in Vietnam to stay alive was, “Don’t John Wayne it.” And you can’t imagine the disdain in the voice of the soldier as he said that.


  7. Pangolin says:

    If she’s quoting the Old Testament for guidance then she had better not have eaten any pork or be wearing any mixed-fiber clothing. Also, what was she doing last Sabbath? If it wasn’t resting we have to stone her.

    The random bible quoting of the Xtian Reich has to be challenged for what it is; babble with no meaning or context.


  8. Ellie says:

    I wish it made a difference, but it doesn’t. Her apologists will just keep on making excuses.


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