Too incendiary for GOPUSA: The facts

June 12, 2011

GOPUSA, a radically right-wing blog claiming affiliation with the Republican Party, can’t stand the heat, and so works to keep serious comments out of their blog kitchen.

That’s the only half-way rational explanation for why they won’t let this comment out of moderation, at their post stupidly claiming President Obama dishonored fallen soldiers by golfing after spending 6 to 8 hours in ceremonies honoring fallen soldiers.

Context:  I called bluff on the claim that George Bush gave up golf to honor vets (turns out he did in  fact give up golf after his physician told him he should to avoid further injury to his knee, but that’s almost beside the point).  I also questioned the attempted smear, that Obama went golfing on Memorial Day instead of honoring fallen soldiers (he spent the entire morning and a good chunk of the afternoon honoring fallen soldiers).

In any case, I offered a photo of Bush off to  . . . not golf, it appears now, but hardly giving up recreation to support soldiers.  Also note that Bush is wearing socks emblazoned with the Presidential Seal.  Good heavens, is there no institution Bush wouldn’t disparage, even his own?

No one could offer any evidence Bush gave up golf, but the photo must be suspect because it is found at a “liberal” blog.  My response still suffers in moderation over there:

Comment by edarrell
June 6, 2011 @ 10:52 am Your comment is awaiting moderation.

onewildman, the author of that site is a former Reagan administration official, one of the original leaders of the neo-conservative movement.

The photo is 2007 as stated — you could have checked it out:
Or here:

Or, if you claim it’s incorrect, show us Bush’s schedule, show us the Bush announcement.  You’ve been suckered by a made up tale.

GOPUSA is run by a guy named Bobby Eberle, probably a scion of the radical right-wingers who thought Ronald Reagan too liberal back in the 1980s.

Bottom line:  Making up petty charges, like criticizing Obama for golfing on Memorial Day, reveals the paucity of policy and patriotism both in Republican political circles.  On Memorial Day Obama continued his administration’s formal dedicated work to help veterans, inviting Gold Star families to breakfast in the State Room of the White House (Gold Star families are those who have lost a member of the family in war).  Then he visited the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, laying a wreath to honor them and their colleagues who served and died in service; then he participated in the formal ceremony honoring fallen heroes.  From at least 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Obama spent his time honoring our fallen soldiers.

Mrs. Obama motored to Walter Reed Hospital in the afternoon, to spend a couple of hours visiting wounded soldiers.

We’re supposed to feel that a golf game then dishonors soldiers?  How many hours did Bobby Eberle spend with soldiers and the families of fallen soldiers on Memorial Day?

Any normal, well-balanced person must wonder:  Is there anyone with horse sense left in Republican circles?  Is there anyone there with the sense God gave chickens?

Here’s the logo of GOPUSA:

GOPUSA logo, a hand creeping across the table to steal your wallet

Logo of GOPUSA. What is it?

What is it?  To me, it looks like a hand creeping towards you to steal your wallet.  I wonder what they think it’s supposed to be?

Big bone sale in Dallas, part 2: Is P. Z. Myers bidding on this one?

June 12, 2011

It’s perfect for him.  Perfect.  Bidding stands at about $2,500 at the moment:

Gem tektite octopus - Heritage Auctions June 12, 2011 - IMGP6864 - copyright Ed Darrell, use permitted with attribution

Did our cephalopod overlords leave this for us, 29 million years ago? It's looking right at you, you know.

Is P. Z. Myers bidding on this thing?

According to the catalogue from Heritage Auctions, this piece of glass was formed in what is now the Libyan Sahara 29 million years ago when a meteoroid struck the sand, creating massive heat that fused sand into glass.  This light lemonade colored glass comes from only a small part of the Libyan sands.  Tektite is collectible by itself.  Some craftsman (unidentified and unplaced in time by Heritage Auctions) carved this piece into a cephalopod.

Taking an uncommonly large and clear specimen, the master lapidarist has carved the form of a malevolent-looking octopus, with superb rugose skin texture and a mass of curling tentacles. With a gorgeous translucence and lovely delicate green/yellow color, this exceptional sculpture measures 2¾ x 2 x 1¾ inches. Estimate: $2,800 – $3,200.

Compared to the giant articulated dinosaurs about 50 feet away from the display, one could easily overlook this little gem.  Still, bidding online looked to be pretty active.  Is P.Z. still in the British Isles?  Is he bidding by internet?  Is his Trophy Wife™ planning a Father’s Day surprise?

Tektites should pique your interest, Dear Reader.  Glass formed only when interplanetary objects smash into the planet, providing clues to the makeup of our solar system and universe, dating back well before recorded time, found in only a few fields around the Earth.  They are the perfect marriage-merger of geology, astronomy, geography, natural history, history and, in this case, art.   They are popular among collectors.    Who walks away with this one this afternoon?

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