Got Obama’s back, he’s got ours . . .

Not sure why I love this photo so:

President Obama poses for snapshots with citizens in a midwest cafe . . . summer 2012

President Obama poses for snapshots with people in a midwest cafe, summer 2012 – via Instagram

Partly it’s the spontaneity of the event.  You know that Barack Obama grins broadly into the cellphone camera or other small, amateur electronic camera on the other side.  The people on either side of him grin, too.

Partly it’s the ease with which the President of the United States becomes just Barry posing for pictures when people ask him to.

Partly it’s the serendipity of someone being wholly out of location to take the grinning teeth photo, but having the presence of mind to snap a picture from the back, showing not only the president at ease, but the people posing with him wholly comfortable with the situation — ‘hold on to each other, everybody smile . . . [click].’

Partly it’s the completely unexpected nature of the happenstance photo.  Were it posed, the flags would be bigger, posted correctly; the hand sanitizer would be moved out of the way.  Were it posed, the notices under the mints for sale would be moved, so the camera could see the other side.

I’m also fond of the wallpaper border that makes the top frame of the picture.

Someone sent me a link to the photo a few weeks ago.  I wish I could pin it down to location and date, and to who took the photo.

2 Responses to Got Obama’s back, he’s got ours . . .

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    You’ve put your finger on the quality, the Norman Rockwell appearance! Thanks!


  2. alwaysjan says:

    I dare say that it looks almost like a Norman Rockwell painting. Americana at its best.


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