Somewhere in your neighborhood tonight, a teacher is working . . .

Somewhere tonight a teacher is grading

. . . and noting the quote mark should be outside the comma, “free time,” but grading on the thought and not the punctuation, this time. From The Teachers’ Room on Facebook.

And in Texas, Attorney General Greg Abbott , the Tea Party, and CSCOPE critics are scheming to get that teacher fired, calling him or her a “communist,” mischaracterizing his or her religion as Islam instead of the Baptist he or she has been all his life, and claiming she or he is trying to tear down America for Obama, despite having voted Republican in every presidential election since he could vote.

He (or she) doesn’t need your sympathy.  He needs justice, and he needs you to help your children with their homework, and read to them and support them in learning about life.  Justice probably won’t come the teacher’s way, but he or she will consider it a good deal if your child learns, and does well.

Could we stop with the injustice, though?


2 Responses to Somewhere in your neighborhood tonight, a teacher is working . . .

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    More details of current War on Teachers in Texas:

    CSCOPE is a lesson-planning aide put together by a consortium of the Texas Regional Education Service Centers, regional agencies that help teachers get up to speed on materials, state-required curriculum, and best teaching methods.

    Texas requires that kids learn about five religions, including Islam. Radical conservatives think anyone learning about Islam is being indoctrinated in it — and defying history and politics and logic, then go on to say that only communist teachers would teach about Islam in social studies.

    They claim that the Texas Attorney General has a criminal investigation going into the curriculum (if he does, it’s an illegal investigation; but his office denies it).

    Teachers, and education — and children — are under fire in Texas. Sometimes literally.


  2. Christian says:

    As a part-time teacher I appreciate the message in the image, but I’m a little lost because the overall post seems to have left out information linking the image to the text below (“And in Texas…”).


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