Look closely, you can (almost) see Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was born in Manhattan on October 27, 1858.

Among many other things in his life, he was for a time a cowboy in South Dakota, in the area where today resides the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Look closely at the picture.  You can almost see Teddy.  He was a powerful, guiding force behind the movement to protect precious, historic, scientifically valuable and beautiful lands, by the federal government.

Happy birthday, Theodore Roosevelt! Let's celebrate with a great shot of @TRooseveltNPS #NorthDakota

Happy birthday, Theodore Roosevelt! Let’s celebrate with a great shot of @TRooseveltNPS #NorthDakota

Happy Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday, America.


3 Responses to Look closely, you can (almost) see Teddy Roosevelt

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Teddy would have wanted to, I’m sure.

    On the other hand, he DID save the Yellowstone, put funding behind preservation, and did the same for the Yosemite, and for the nation’s forests.

    Had he lived another 20 years, I think he’d have cut out hunting for hunting’s sake; another 40 years, he might have banned guns altogether.


  2. It is a magnificent scene- one can almost reach out with one’s Holland & Holland express rifle to touch the heart of the buffalo in the foreground.


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